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I create a wide range of jewelry and accessories and offer custom orders.

Here I am showing off a necklace and earring set I designed for myself. Its loaded with blue glass hearts, flowers, shells, glass pearls and repurposed guitar wire. If you enjoy quirky, bold designs then this is the right place for you.

My most popular products are shown below. Please call or visit one of our online stores listed on the "About Us" page for more information on products, current promotions and custom options.

If you need simple repairs or restringing feel free to contact me with your request. I can weave, have many parts and. pieces to work with and with the exception of soldering, I believe I can assist you.

Beautiful amber bugle beaded fringe leaf bracelet with a button for the closure. I wove many rows of beads over the button to surround the clay rose at the center.

The cream colored clay rose was formed by hand by me and secured in the center before weaving around it.

Free form weave is one of my most enjoyable forms of jewelry to design. Let me know if I can create something special for you.

Bone and coconut with tiny garnet beads make this bracelet feel contemporary and fun all at once.

The center is a brass bead and I used wire guards at either end along with bronze jump rings and a lobster claw clasp.

Original and fun to wear!

My hands reach for certain colors on certain days, I'm not sure what leads me to create with a particular material or color on any given day.

One time, I had a special request for a custom order pearl and coral necklace. I created several different versions and the person requesting them never returned to meet with me.

This particular request did lead me to make several others in a similar version of them though.

I find this a perfect pairing of bold colors, red coral and chunky turquoise on what feels to me like a more traditional tribal style necklace.

Two vintage beads were used at the center to draw attention to the larger turquoise rectangle.

Lovely purple and green class and crystal fancy bohemian necklace perfect for summer wedding, out to dinner or festival.

This beauty has a bali 14 kt gold toggle and I wire wrapped swarvoski crystals to the connectors.

Earrings below are simple and lovely and complete the set. Message me with interest. this necklace is currently available however, the earrings have been spoken for.

Lovely purple gold lined lampwork beads wire wrapped with and hung on 14 kt gold.

A match to the lovely green and purple necklace above.

Beautiful butterfly in flight earrings. Hand made sterling silver ear wires, oxidized sterling silver chain with pretty blue tulips and yellow butterflies/

Beautiful blue flower and yellow butterfly earrings. I hand formed the earwires myself and added a little twirl detail. I used square sterling silver and wrapped them in black artisan wire.

Fine sterling silver oxidized chain hangs around the design which features bright sky blue tulip shaped flowers, yellow butterflies and Swarovski crystals.

I used one pewter colored head pin to hold the flower, at the top of the flower rests a small 4mm pale yellow Swarovski crystal.

The head pin the butterfly hangs from has a Swarovski crystal at the bottom and just beneath the butterfly is a clear Swarovski crystal. Entire earring measures about 2 1/2 inches with the fine chain hanging a little lower. One of a kind.

Delicate wire pearl and peridot chip dangle earring with copper Ear wire

Measures almost 2 1/4" long

white pearl measures 4mm

one of a kind light and delicate green peridot drop earring

Lovely, large and dramatic chandelier earring wire wrapped with artisan wire and swarvoski crystals.

Not for the faint of heart. One and a half inch long large teardrop chandelier part rescued from a pile of things in a antique mall.

Properly cleaned, polished and wrapped in dark copper artisan wire. All around the top is a variety of crystals including Swarovski crystal. Colors range from light topaz to deep red. The earring sets on a artisan brass earwire. The entire earring measures about three inches long.Despite the length, these lovely earrings are lightweight.

Lovely amazonite and tourmaline sterling silver dangle earrings. I love these so much I kept them in my own collection.

You could say I wear them enough to call them a staple piece in my collection.

Lilac Drop Earring

Lovely glass lilacs on sterling silver chain with pewter caps. Message me to create you a pair.

Peace Peice Bracelet

I do love to play with clay. This chunky bracelet was made with polymer clay round beads made by me in a greenish blue color, I hand formed each one. I did not glaze them as they look lovely just as they are. The beads paired up nicely with a green and tan marbled bead I had in my collection, the marbled bead gave the design the size variation and texture it needed. Notice the yin yang charm. Keep in mind when wearing bracelets with larger beads to pick one that is slightly larger than you might normally wear. This will ensure proper fitting. Also, choose better metals or in this case, lead free pewter.

Black Spinel with Button Pearls Bracelet

Lovely modern way to wear your pearls! Closes with a lead free pewter toggle. This spinel and pearl bracelet already has a home however, you may contact us to create a custom bracelet for you.

Russet Rounds Necklace Set

Another from my personal collection created with polymer clay beads that I hand formed and glazed, toho and seed beads.

Mixed Horn on Hemp Long Necklace

One long and funky hand knotted hemp and horn necklace from my personal collection. Let us custom make one for you!

Bone and Wood Bracelet

Chunky and fun bracelet created with bone, horn and wood with one wood vintage button for the closure.

Polymer Clay on Sterling

Handcrafted polyer clay beads on sterling silver with glass. This earring is currently unavailable but we do take custom orders!

Ice Blue Heart Necklace

Athough you can't tell my heart is Ice Blue...Ice Blue polymer clay that is. This photo turned out extremely well in black and white, the shadows bounce off in mysterious ways. Still available..

Organic Form Polymer Clay Sculpture on Cord

Hand mixed and formed with swirls of gold and bronze pigment. Very organic looking, no form was used in the creation of this clay form.

Jami's Rose Polymer Clay on Gold

In loving memory of my cousin Jami I have created a line of jewelry "Jami's Rose". All feature the purplish clay hand formed roses in various forms.

Long Teal Pearls

Lovely long pearl strand mixed with brass fro mmy personal collection. Let us custom create a pearl strand for you!

Polymer Clay Sculpture on Sterling

Lovely bronze and gold swirls holding a gold polymer clay ball has been hung with wirewrapped vintage pearls. Sterling silver chain leads up to a small line of pearls on each side and the necklace is finished off with a sterling silver clasp.

Additional picture of Polymer Clay Sculpture on Sterling

Turquoise Drop Necklace

This creation has gone to a loving home. Please ask about custom orders.

Jaded Lady Necklace

For all must be jaded, all must be created ...

Jasper All Dressed Up

Jasper and sunstone bracelet with a gold plated square toggle.

Red Hot at The Core

Red heart beads paired with one large gold foil bead.

Copper Weeble Earring

Too much fun going on here for these copper lined glass beaded earrings to stay home.

Woven Bugle Beaded Earring

Vintage bugle beads, crow beads all woven together with bali sterling silver beads and hung on sterling silver. This item is no longer available, please ask about custom orders.

Charlotte Hoops

Lovely pink coin mother of pearl hung with heavy silver beads on hoops. No longer available-please inquire regarding custom orders.

Ruby Baroque Earrings

Deep scarlet red crystals hung on sterling silver.

Chunky Coral and Turquoise Necklace

Chunky red coral necklace measuring 20 1/2" long is a vibrant statement piece featuring turquoise bird beads, bone rounds and secured with a pewter toggle. Wire guards and double crimps were used. Strung on the best wire, 49 strand jewelers wire. Flexible and strong! This particular necklace was donated to a charity benefit.

A Horse Ring

I love recycling or repurposing old pieces. This horse had broke off a pin and I gave it new life as a ring. You can view it in my etsy shop.

Hand Knotted Hemp and Glass Bead Bracelet

The notion that fast is better is not true. I sat and hand knotted this bracelet over and over again. I wrapped the hemp round and round and gave it fringe. The fringe gives the bracelet a very free feel, fun and feisty. The glass beads are a combination of trade beads and the heart was a piece that had broke and I filed it smooth, before adding it to the hemp loop . Much love goes into hand made designs.

Pearl and Stone Hair Combs

Beautiful wire wrapped pearl, labordorite, crystal hair combs.

Chunky Bohemian Peacock Pearl and Crystal Bracelet

This creation is loaded! Teal, purple, lampwork, crackle glass, pearls.. its delicious!

Absolutely Stunning 8mm pearl with stick pearls and Gold Leaf Drops Necklace

This necklace takes my breath away. It features large stick pearls, 8mm white pearls and 14 kt gold chain drops and gold leaves. I used a 14 kt gold flower closure.

Tree of Life Serpentine and etched carnelian stone necklace

Lovely autumn colored stone necklace with serpentine oval beads and etched round carnelian beads. Strung on 49 strand jewelers wire measuring 19.5 inches. The tree of life pendant is made of polymer clay and measures about 1 inch round.

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